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National Adoption Day

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

by Meg Terry

I can’t believe it’s been three years since our adoption story came to fruition, but this year, we celebrate 3 years of being a family on National Adoption Day. To me, every adoption story is filled with a little bit of magic. Some may call it faith, others call it luck, still others call it divine intervention or the fates aligning. But, for me, for us, it just felt like a little bit of magic brought us together and surely holds us together still. Throughout our story and all the twist and turns in the road that brought us in front of the judge three years ago, there must have been a sprinkling of the best kind of magic there is. The kind that forms a family, not by blood, but through love. Somehow through this process, it seemed to drift into my daughter’s soul, too. In her laugh, in her spiritedness, in her kindness, and in her strong will, she exudes something that I just can’t put my finger on: magic.

Yet, the magic kept me together, kept me pressing on. In July of 2017, my mother heart was awakened the moment I laid eyes on my girl, playing at the park with her social worker, waiting to meet me. It would be just be a few months later in November on National Adoption Day, that what I had known since that day in July, became a reality. We were pronounced a family. Same name and somehow, magically, the same heart. Everyday since has been an adventure: in parenting, in doing hard things, in being a single mom, in willfulness and boundaries, in therapy and trauma education, and especially in what real and meaningful support looks like. I wouldn’t have it any other way. When I’m lucky enough to encounter someone about to embark on the adventure of adoption, I pray they will have a moment where they will see the magic, too; a glimmer that catches their eye, and keeps them holding on. Because, it is nothing short of magic to be brought together for the mere reason that there is no one more perfect in the world for your love. -Meg

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