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Women's History Month

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Scroll through our website's About Us page and you'll see a beautifully diverse group of women. As a non-profit founded by women and led by women, we love seeing women empowered to bring change in the world.

Women make marks on history, on communities, on families, on hearts. And we are grateful for ways we see women break glass ceilings all around us.


Visite nuestra página web en About Us y podrás ver un diverso y especial grupo de mujeres. Como organización sin fines de lucro fundada y dirigida por mujeres, nos encanta ver mujeres empoderadas para cambiar el mundo.

Muchas mujeres han dejado una importante huella en la historia, en sus comunidades, en las familias y en los corazones de muchas personas. Y continúan haciéndolo!

Estamos impresionados y agradecidos por la manera en que vemos mujeres romper esquemas y mostrarnos otras maneras de ser mejores personas y mejorar nuestro mundo.

This Women's History Month, we want to highlight a few incredible women shaping our community.


Jennie Joseph

You might not know the name Jennie Joseph, but she is a world renowned midwife that has been faithfully serving families in Central Florida for decades.

She is making a remarkable difference through her advocacy for systemic reform and in putting women and babies first. She is truly transforming healthcare and empowering women every day!

We are so proud of Jennie and are so grateful for the work she does.


Tania Aylmer

Tania Aylmer is the Director of the Collective Consulting Group, a new department she established within AdventHealth. Tania leads a team that facilitates important conversations, collaborates with executives and physician leaders to bring about lasting cultural transformation, and serves as a trusted advisor, among many other things.

Tania influences and leads in a powerful way that makes a positive difference. We are grateful for the impactful role she plays in our community!


Jessy Correa

We are grateful for the amazing work Jessy Correa does in this community! She is a leader making lasting impact.

Thank you, Jessy, for the woman you are and for all you do!


We honor the achievements and accomplishments, resilience and strength of women across our community and the globe during Women's History Month and throughout the year. We are grateful for the women, young and old, we have the joy of walking alongside. Women, we see you and celebrate you!

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