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2023 OCPS Outstanding Partner in Education!

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

We are sharing exciting news! The Nurture Place was awarded by Orange County Public Schools as an Outstanding Partner in Education!

It has been an honor working in our local schools this year, something we could only do because of the generosity of donors, the work of volunteers, and the help of our staff. And we are honored to receive the Outstanding Partner in Education award!

A few of us on The Nurture Place team accepted the Outstanding Partner in Education award, but this is for all of us. This is for the staff, the board, the volunteers, the donors, the supporters. This is for everyone involved in this mental health movement.

This mental health movement extends throughout our community into schools to teach regulating strategies for little ones. And we are so grateful for your help in creating an environment of safety and teaching social emotional skills for the children in our community.

Thank you for doing this work with us! Thank you for your support! We are nurturing families and strengthening communities together!

We are thrilled and honored to be holding this award for this community. We are grateful for the work we've been able to do because of the dedicated work and kindhearted generosity of so many. And we look forward with anticipation and hope on the work yet to be done. We are bringing a mental wellness movement to Central Florida where we see children and families nurture and thrive!

We cannot talk about receiving the Outstanding Partner in Education Award from OCPS without giving a huge thank you to Maxey Elementary and Dr. Michelle Urquhart!

It has been such a privilege and honor to be welcomed into the Maxey community. It truly is a joy to come alongside such an incredible team of faculty and staff to serve the students.

Dr. Urquhart has been a champion and encourager for us and we couldn’t do our work in Maxey without her. We are grateful for the way she sees and values the work we do and partners with us in it.

Thank you Maxey and thank you Dr. Urquhart!

This is an award to celebrate everyone involved in this mental wellness movement! We are so grateful for the continued support of this amazing community.

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