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Nurturing the Helpers

Nurturing the Helpers is an initiative by The Nurture Place - Orlando and is for anyone in our community who spends their life “pouring out” for others. The specific profession or role isn’t as important as the position of “helper.”

We envision creating a nurturing community to empower those who give so much in our city. We want to “pour in” to those who need it.

Nurturing the Helpers will offer layers of support through:

  • blogs, posts, reels with ideas for mental and emotional wellness, specifically with those in giving professions in mind,

  • virtual and in-person gatherings to connect those who understand what you’re navigating,

  • one-on-one counseling sessions are available for times that specific needs arise and personal attention is most helpful.


We want all the helpers in our community to know that you are not alone, you are worth supporting, and we are here for you!

Sign up for our monthly meetings! There are 2 options offered (one AM, one PM) every month and are currently held virtually. Our goal is to hold the groups on the 4th Monday and Wednesday of each month.

This group is open to all volunteers and staff of The Nurture Place. It is also now open to other helpers in our community!

We would greatly appreciate you considering making a donation toward this program to cover costs of our therapists as we build this program further. (suggested donation for a Nurturing the Helpers connection class - $10)


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We are excited about this new initiative for anyone in our community who spends their life “pouring out” for others.

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