Mommy and Me Postnatal Yoga: Great for Both Parent and Baby

Connecting emotionally and physically with your baby is a unique experience with every individual child. Whether this is your first baby (welcome to motherhood!) or you’re already an experienced mom, Mommy and Me Postnatal Yoga is a fun way to support both mom and baby through a challenging and beautiful time on your journey together.

Benefits for Mom

It helps calm new parent nerves

Having a safe place to get out of the house, and attend a class taught by a trained instructor, gives you an opportunity to channel any nervous energy you may have. All types of yoga use focused stretches and mindful breathing exercises which has been shown to reduce overall stress and anxiety.

Yoga is the gentle exercise that your body needs most

After carrying a baby for nine months and giving birth, your body needs to adjust, and heal from the incredible work it has done! The movements and focused breathing used in Postpartum Yoga classes are chosen specifically to aid in childbirth recovery by targeting the pelvic floor and core muscles. The poses and breathing also open and support the arms, shoulders, and chest which are muscles you rely on immensely during your first few months with your baby.

Mommy and Me Yoga introduces you to other new moms

Having a new baby can be incredibly isolating. Even if you have loved ones, and plenty of support, having connections who are going through the same experiences you are can be very comforting. Mommy and Me Yoga class provides a safe and physically distanced, but socially connected environment for new parents to support one another.

It is a beautiful way for you and your baby to bond

Yoga is a fun, healthy, and playful activity you can enjoy together. At the Nurture Place, our class is outside, where you and your baby can also enjoy the fresh air and the beauty and sounds of nature.

Benefits for Baby

Helps develop motor and sensory skills

Baby will enjoy simple stretches and poses that can help encourage your baby to develop self and environmental awareness.