counseling for children 

and families

With supportive relationships, adversity of all types can be met with resilience and strength.  Our network of experienced counselors provide individual and family support to support recovery and growth.

Therapy is individualized, developmentally-attuned and evidence-based: ​Parent-Child Therapy, Play Therapy and Family Therapy

Who we treat:

Caregivers, families and children aged 0-12 (referrals can be provided to qualified counselors who specialize in treating teenagers and adults.)  

Our counselors have experience and specialized training in the following areas:   

Divorce / Separation, Grief / Loss, Physical Abuse, Trauma, Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence, Neglect, Transitions, Social Difficulties, Foster Care, Adoption, Step-Families, Anger, Behavior Problems, School Problems, Postpartum Recovery, Marriage Difficulties, Parenting Challenges, Depression, Anxiety, ADHD

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