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4 Ways to Talk to Your Kids About Race

Have you struggled with how to talk to your kids about race? You don't have to feel intimidated! These are important conversations we cannot afford to avoid.

Did you know? By 3 months of age, children can already exhibit a preference for familiar faces and same-race faces. By 3 years old, children can make negative associations about people from diverse groups. 


Sometimes, as parents, we shush kids out of embarrassment when they question skin color, weight, how someone dresses, etc., but maybe in our discomfort, we are unintentionally telling our kids that it's shameful. 

talking to kids about race

It's never too young to read books about race. Read books that are multicultural and multiracial. It helps expand our knowledge of other cultures and diversity, making children more secure and comfortable to engage 

in new experiences. 

talking to kids about race

Have a conversation with your kids. Have an open discussion about what they hear in school and how to address the things they are hearing.

talking to kids about race

While talking with your children is essential, of equal importance is what you model for your children. Look at your friend group; does everyone look like you? Look at your family activities; do they encourage ways to promote knowledge about various cultures? 

talking to kids about race

When we recognize people who look different, approach with curiosity, which helps us think more curiously. Exploring what we find beautiful and attractive about people who don't look like us prevents fear. We are often fearful or weary of things that are unfamiliar to us. Recognizing race isn't racism.

If you are curious, here are some resources on race:

💻 Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University - @developingchildharvard

📺 TV: PBS kids - @pbskids and Sesame Street - @sesamestreet

📖 Adult Book: Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?

🌐 YouTube Series: “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man.” with Emmanuel Acho.

📚 Child Book: Daddy Why Am I Brown?

[These are tips from a child therapist.]

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