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National Mentoring Month

January is National Mentoring Month! We see the impact of mentoring throughout many of our programs. As we work in schools, offer various group therapy classes and summer camps, and host programs for different age groups in our offices, we get to witness how meaningful a mentoring relationship can be. We are grateful for the connections we make and the people we are able to journey alongside!

Meet Amanda!

Amanda directs our Nurture & Thrive Program at our Orlando House. She said:

"Here at Nurture Place, I have had the honor and privilege of walking alongside young adults for the last two years. I get to see the holistic approach of therapy, training, and mentoring work together to build community and family where there has been none, bring healing, new skills, confidence, and so much more. Consistency and a long term commitment are key, but watching someone experience intimacy and love through learning to give and receive care makes it more than worth it.”

Meet Emily!

Emily has been a mentor in every role she has held with The Nurture Place over the years. She mentors and counsels in schools and in individual therapy as a Mental Health Student Intern. We are grateful for the impact she makes and the ways mentoring brings hope and healing in the community. Emily shared:

“Being able to mentor children and be a safe person they can come to each week to talk about what’s going on in their lives has truly been a blessing. I’ve been able to build connections with the kids and help them in all aspects of life”

Interested in Volunteering as a Mentor?

We are always looking for more volunteers in our school Nurture Groups and with Nurture & Thrive, as well for our Nurture Camp in the summer! If you're interested in volunteering with The Nurture Place, please reach out! Our Volunteer Coordinator, Kayla Alvarez, will connect with you about the many ways you can be a mentor in our community:

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